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Illegal Icons Inc.

We're proud of our obsession...

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We are icons freaks. We also believe we are long lost twins, but that's really not the point.

This is a community created by myself, elohvee, and moonlitroses to post our icons and offer them to the public.

Please read the community rules and info below before taking any icons or adding the community to your friends list.


1.) This is an open community with select posting. Anyone can join, but only the two fine aforementioned ladies can post. Basically, if you’re looking to post your own icons, look elsewhere. If you like our icons and would like to know when one of us updates the journal, add the community to your friends list.

2.) Can you take the icons? Of course, that’s what they’re there for. However, we do require that you credit us either in keywords (just put ‘by illegaliconsinc’ along with whatever keywords you wish to identify the icon by), or in your profile. Please, none of this crediting-in-the-first-entry-you-use-the-icon-on business. We all have our standards. And also, please comment to let us know if you’re taking an icon.

3.) Icon requests accepted here? Yes. If you want an icon from us, e-mail us with what you want on it. If there’s a specific picture, send us a link along with it the e-mail. Specific diminutions? Include the size you want in pixels. Specific font? Tell us what it is. If it was a font you downloaded from somewhere, link us to the site. If it’s a font you saw on another icon in this community but don’t know the name of, link to the icon. Give us exact text or a general idea of what you want. You can ask us to surprise you, but it would be best if we have a general idea of what you want.

4.) What type of icons will be here? Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and cast icons for any of the above will most likely be the most common. But there will be others, rest assured. And we do make dimensions other than 100x100 pixels, though smaller and/or larger icons will show up rarely/only upon request.

5.) Want to find an icon we have but don't want to search through all our posts to find it? Check our memories -- all entries are categorized by the type of icon posted, and you can also find all posts in the community sorted by icon maker.



Enjoy the icons!

T00bishly yours,

elohvee and moonlitroses


This is our mascot, the Nearly Invisible Useless Blob, courtesy SpaceFem.com. *pets nearly invisible useless blob* You can pet him too; he doesn't bite.

Adopt your own useless blob!